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The RDLC annual awards of excellence 

Seldom in business do you see CEO’s vote for their competition to win any thing but in the Pirates that’s exactly what we do!

This is why they always mean so much to members.... because their peers have given them their vote!

It’s unprecedented, except maybe in sport - players played if the year!

 Every year we hold a celebration of all things amazing in the Recruitment Sector at a glitzy event that is totally unlike any dry, predictable bash you’ve ever been at.

The banter is as free flowing as the wine and champers and it’s a real chance to hear some of the success stories you will be wide eyed about.

Although it’s the highlight of the social calendar, the awards are as impactful on your ambition and motivation as any course, NED session or major account win! 

Come once, determine to win an award next year and then make it so and see a room stand up to cheer your win!

That how we’ve built the RDLC culture.

RDLC Awards 2019, The Speakeasy

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